Castle Wind, a joint venture between Trident Winds and EnBW North America aims to generate 1GW of clean energy through floating offshore wind by 2025

Castle Wind

Image: Castle Wind signs MOU with MBCP to develop offshore wind in US. Photo: Courtesy of Erich Westendarp/Pixabay.

Castle Wind has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) to enter into a future long-term power purchase agreements for about 1GW of renewable energy from Castle Wind Offshore.

Castle Wind is a joint venture between Trident Winds and EnBW North America, which aims to bring offshore wind to the California energy market by developing commercial scale floating offshore wind farm off the coast of Morro Bay in Central California.

As per the MOU, offshore wind could offer a long-term energy supply solution which will complement MBCP’s energy needs in the future. The proposed offshore wind project is planned to be connected to the grid at Morro Bay substation in Morro Bay, California.

Castle Wind CEO Alla Weinstein said: “Castle Wind is pleased to be working with Monterey Bay Community Power on a Power Purchasing Agreement to deliver local clean energy from offshore wind.

“While the project is still several years away, we know that offshore wind is poised to play an integral role in California’s electricity portfolio, which will help the State meet its aggressive climate goals at the least cost.

“This MOU is a statement of commitment by MBCP to use 100% renewables and their desire to secure a supply of clean energy that closely meets their demand profile.”

Castle Wind Offshore wind farm will be located off of California coast

The Castle Wind Offshore wind project is expected to be located on the Outer Continental Shelf more than 48km from California coastline in federal waters of the Pacific Ocean. The US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is preparing a lease auction for the project site next year. If the lease is awarded, Castle Wind expects to generate about 1GW of renewable by 2025.

MBCP CEO Tom Habashi said: “Monterey Bay Community Power is committed to serving our local communities with cleaner energy.

“In addition to creating new, local renewable infrastructure and jobs, we recognize the tremendous potential benefits of economically priced offshore renewable energy, including offshore wind’s primary system value coming from its ability to serve the region’s evening load when energy prices and carbon emissions are highest.”

As MBCP plans to expand its electric service to residents and businesses in San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay early next year and potentially the rest of San Luis Obispo County in 2021, the project has strategic potential to locally generate renewable energy,.