Amur Minerals, a nickel-copper sulphide mineral exploration and resource development company focused on its Kun-Manie nickel copper project (Kun-Manie) located in the Far East of Russia, has entered into a memorandum of cooperation with GEFCO.


Image: A piece of nickel in about 3cm in size. Photo: courtesy of Materialscientist (talk)/Wikipedia.

GEFCO is a global expert in supply-chain solutions providing fully integrated transport and logistics solutions with a strong presence in Russia, being 75% owned by JSC Russian Railways. This MOC will address the Company’s rail and shipping transport requirements for project construction, operational supply support and saleable product delivery to the Asian markets of China, Japan and Korea foremost among international opportunities, and will include, but not be limited to:

  • Multimodal transportation by rail, road, sea and air for construction and infrastructure projects, supply of mining operation equipment
  • Domestic and international deliveries of saleable products by rail and sea
  • Loading, unloading works and customs handling for both inbound and outbound flows
  • Compliance with operational supply chain requirements, provision of support and technology
  • Compliance with rail siding requirements and development
  • Transport and logistics advisory support to third parties

With regard to Kun-Manie’s access along the Baikal-Amur Mainline Railway (“BAM”), multiple options are available for transport by rail both over land and to multiple seaports for inbound and outbound shipments. Handling and customs formalities are vitally important for coordinating logistics needs during both the construction and the operational phases.

Robin Young, CEO of Amur Minerals, commented: “The transport and logistical requirements for Kun-Manie are multifaceted, covering three key considerations of project construction, mine operation and sale of product.

“Discussions have been ongoing between Amur and GEFCO representatives on these considerations and the MOC represents the start of the next stage, namely, developing definitive transport and logistic solutions. It is also very important, given the complexity of global transport and logistics, that we have GEFCO providing advisory assistance in our discussions with other parties.”

Valeria Seledkova. General Director, GEFCO Russia, commented: “The development of Kun-Manie will contribute significantly to the regional development of the Far East. The project requires an intricate approach, and with the MOC signed, we’re ready to develop tailormade logistic solutions. At GEFCO, we always integrate on demand and welcome challenges. We look forward to implementing the joint project with Amur Minerals.”

Source: Company Press Release