Akkuyu Nuclear JSC and TEIAS to commence full-scale work on creating a power distribution scheme for Akkuyu NPP


Image: Akkuyu Nuclear JSC and Teias sign connection agreement. Photo: courtesy of Ralf Vetterle from Pixabay.

Akkuyu Nuclear JSC and Turkish System Operator TEIAS have signed the Republic of Turkey Transmission Grid Connection Agreement. The conclusion of this agreement will enable Akkuyu Nuclear JSC and TEIAS to commence full-scale work on creating a power distribution scheme for Akkuyu NPP, which will include 6 high-voltage transmission lines to connect Akkuyu NPP to the Turkish transmission system.

Within the framework of the agreement, the power generated by Akkuyu NPP will be transmitted from the Akkuyu NPP switchgear via 400 kV power lines to six transformer substations that are part of Turkey’s unified energy system.

The total length of the high-voltage lines that will be built as part of the Akkuyu NPP power distribution scheme will exceed 1000 km, which allows us to talk about creating the most powerful and branched power distribution system in the country.

“In a few years, Turkey will integrate a nuclear power plant into its power transmission system for the first time – an uninterrupted source of base-load generation of vast amounts of electricity. The agreement is a guarantee that the infrastructure of the Turkish transmission system will be ready for NPP connection and reliable transmission of generated electricity to consumers. Observance of the parameters of compatibility with the external electrical system is inextricably linked to ensuring a reliable and safe NPP operation, so the conclusion of the connection agreement can undoubtedly be attributed to the key stages in implementing the Akkuyu NPP Project”, remarked Anastasia Zoteeva, CEO of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, following the signing of the Agreement.

The execution of the transmission grid connection agreement is an essential requirement of the Turkish Electricity Market Law and a number of other regulatory and legal acts of the Republic of Turkey. All the power lines to be connected to Akkuyu NPP will be built and maintained by the TEIAS.

Source: Company Press Release