Acciona has begun construction of two solar plants and will also own majority stake in the solar plants


Image: ACCIONA holds a 75% stake in the joint venture that owns the plants. Photo: Courtesy of Acciona.

Spanish renewable energy projects developer Acciona has announced the start of construction on two solar plants with a total capacity of 43.7MW in Ukraine. The two solar plants will be built with an investment of €30.6m.

Acciona has also signed an agreement with the developer of the projects UDPR to acquire 75% of the stake in the projects. The Spanish company aims to complete the construction by the end of this year.

Acciona energy business development director Joaquín Castillo said: “We are very pleased to continue contributing to the development of renewable energies and the sustainability of the energy system of Ukraine, a country with interesting opportunities for the sector.”

The two solar plants will generate nearly 55GWh of clean electricity annually

The larger of the two plants, is the Gudzovka plant, with a peak capacity of 26MW and the second solar plant has a peak capacity of 17.7MW. The two solar plants will be equipped with polycrystalline silicon panels mounted on fixed structures.

The two solar plants will generate nearly 55GWh of clean electricity annually, which will be sufficient to power more than 23,000 Ukrainian homes, while avoiding 53,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, had the energy been generated using a conventional coal-fired power plant.

Power generated from the two solar plants will be transmitted to the national grid and will be sold to the Ukrainian utility company Energorynok State Enterprise under a power purchase agreement (PPA), until the end of 2029.

With the acquisition, the Spanish company will strengthen its presence in the renewable sector in the country, where it has previously built the 57.2MW Dymerka 2-3-4 photovoltaic complex in the region of Kiev. Acciona holds 100% stake in the solar complex.

The solar plant will generate about 63GWh of clean energy, which will enough to power 26,000 homes in Ukraine.