The company has partnered with ADM to build 280MW Broadwing Clean Energy Complex in Illinois

8 Rivers Capital LLC-Decatur-Aerial

ADM's processing complex in Decatur Illinois. (Credit: 8 Rivers Capital, LLC.)

8 Rivers Capital has teamed up with Southern Ute Indian Tribe Growth Fund (SUGF) and ADM to build 560MW zero emissions power plants in the US.

In partnership with SUGF, the company will develop 280MW NET Power natural gas-fired plant, dubbed Coyote Clean Power Project.

Coyote will be a zero-emissions NET Power natural gas-fired power plant, with a capability to capture and store CO2.   It will be built in the Southern Ute Indian Reservation in southwest Colorado.

A final investment decision on the Coyote facility is expected to be made in 2020 and production could begin by 2025.

The NET Power systems leverage the Allam-Fetvedt Cycle, which burns natural gas with oxygen rather than air. Instead of steam, the system uses supercritical carbon dioxide as a working fluid to drive a turbine.

8 Rivers president and NET Power board member Damian Beauchamp said: “We are delighted to partner with the Southern Ute Indian Tribe on this clean power project, highlighting our collective leadership in the energy transition to a carbon neutral environment.

“The Coyote Clean Power Project’s affordable delivery of zero emissions power is unprecedented, and the project is a model for future deployments of this critical decarbonization tool.”

8 Rivers Capital has also agreed with agricultural and processing firm Archer-Daniels-Midlands (ADM) to build the 280MW Broadwing Clean Energy Complex in Decatur, Illinois.

Planned to be located adjacent to ADM’s processing complex in Decatur, the facility would safely store the captured carbon using the firm’s proven carbon capture and storage system.

8 Rivers, through its Zero Degrees development business, is expected to reach a final investment decision on the Broadwing facility in 2022 and commence operations by 2025.

Broadwing Clean Energy Complex is anticipated to involve more than a half-billion-dollar investment into Central Illinois, said the company.

ADM global operations senior vice president Veronica Braker said: “Across ADM’s value chain, from the crops we buy to the products we create, we’re finding new, innovative ways to sustainably feed the world.

“Last year, we embarked on Strive 35, an aggressive program to evolve ADM’s environmental footprint, including reducing our absolute greenhouse gas emissions.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to integrate our Decatur operations, and particularly our world-class carbon capture and storage facility, with this groundbreaking new zero-emission power plant, and we look forward to exploring other ways that we can support this project.”