The Orot Rabin modernization project involves the conversion of the 2.59GW coal-fired power plant in Hadera, Israel to a single-shaft combined-cycle gas power plant. Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) owns and operates the Orot Rabin plant.

The modernization project will add a 630MW gas turbine unit in the plant to replace the production from four of the existing coal-fired units. A second unit is also planned to be added, the contract for which is expected to be awarded by the end of 2019. Commercial operations of the first unit are scheduled to be started in 2022.

The CCGT plant is expected to become the largest and the most efficient gas-fired power plant in Israel, and is forecasted to deliver up to 4% of the current total power generation capacity of the nation.

Orot Rabin power plant location and background

The Orot Rabin power plant is situated close to the town of Hadera in north-western Israel. It is located approximately 50km north of the country’s capital Tel Aviv and can be reached through the Ayalon highway via Route 20 and finally through Highway 2.

The plant was commissioned in 1981 as a coal-fired thermal power plant. It included two sub-critical coal-fired blocks comprising four 350MW units in block one and two 575MW units (units 5 and 6) in block two, which were added in 1996.

The project also comprises a 127 million cubic meter (Mcm) seawater desalination plant commissioned in 2009.

The addition of units 5 and 6 resulted in the reduction of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emission levels by 93%. The two 575MW units are fitted with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and flue gas desulfurization (FGD) emission reduction system.

Primary fuel used in the units 5 and 6 is pulverized bituminous coal, while oil is used as secondary fuel and for start-up purposes.

Orot Rabin modernization project details

The Orot Rabin modernization project was announced in July 2018 under the Government of Israel’s Clean Air Law 2011, which proposed the shutdown of block 1. The existing four units will remain under maintenance for use in case of emergency or unavailability of gas in domestic market.

A gas-fired unit featuring a GE 9HA.01 gas turbine, a steam turbine, and a generator will be added to the block 1. It will also comprise a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) and balance-of-plant equipment.

The 9HA.01 gas turbine is expected to have a net efficiency rate of more than 60.5%. it will use natural gas as the primary fuel and fuel oil as secondary fuel.

Cooling water required for the new unit will be stored at the existing seawater pump house used for the existing units 1-4.

IEC also proposes to modernize their distribution grid in order to accommodate their future production, apart from modernizing the generation assets. The grid will be installed with GE’s Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) software, which will help in operating the grid more efficiently and enable automation.

Power transmission from Orot Rabin

The power generated by the new unit will be evacuated using 161kV transmission line via local switchyard through the switchgear of units 3 and 4.

Natural gas supply for Orot Rabin

Gas will be supplied using an existing line located to the south of the property, wherein a pressure reduction and metering station will be constructed.

Contractors involved

GE was awarded the engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning contract for the supply of a gas turbine unit for the Orot Rabin modernization project, in April 2019.

GE will also provide maintenance and services for the turbine unit, under a 15-year multi-year services agreement.