Our commitment to the Industry

We are dedicated to supplying sustainable solutions for all sectors of the industry, ensuring and developing relationships of trust with our customers, with a view to fostering long-term growth. We are committed to the highest level of excellence and professionalism.

Our systems help you integrate your process in the environment

The activities of the Hamon Group are intrinsically linked to Environmental protection. Primarily through our activities in Air Quality Systems and Heat Recovery as well as our Cooling Systems which have a positive environmental impact.

An accurately designed cooling system will perform better and will enable that the fuel used will produce the maximal yield. Water saving is also an essential factor in the conception of the systems and Hamon continuously searches for new ways of improvement in this field.

Lasting solutions to your aftermarket challenges

Hamon offers a full range of aftermarket services for existing particulate control, emission control, cooling systems, heat recovery systems. We specialize in developing creative and cost-effective solutions to the operational challenges of installed equipment regardless of original manufacturer.

Hamon has strong field capacities in the industry and can provide services on a wide range of products anywhere in the world. Our decades of experience leave us uniquely qualified to understand your needs and provide lasting solutions to your aftermarket challenges.


Contact details for European Head office:

Rue André Dumont, 6
1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert

Phone: +32 10 390400
Web: www.hamon.com
E-mail: info@hamon.com