Calpine has announced the start of commercial operations at the York 2 Energy Center, a 828MW combined-cycle gas turbine power plant in Peach Bottom Township, Pennsylvania.


Image: The York 2 power plant, which is owned by Calpine Mid-Merit, an affiliate of Calpine. Photo courtesy of Karsten W. Rohrbach/

With the start of operations, the York 2 Energy Center, which is owned by Calpine Mid-Merit, an affiliate of Calpine , is now adding 828MW electric generation capacity to the Mid-Atlantic power grid.

The York 2 power plant is co-located with the company’s existing 565MW York Energy Center, while both the combined-cycle plants are equipped with advanced environmental controls. Commercial operation started at York Energy Center in 2011.

Combustion turbines of the two plants mainly use cleaner-burning natural gas, taking advantage of the valuable Pennsylvania resource of natural gas, according to the company.

Besides, the two facilities are capable of running on ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel oil to improve reliability.

Calpine president and chief executive officer Thad Hill said: “Plants with flexible, dual-fuel capabilities like our York energy centers are playing an increasingly important role in ensuring power reliability in the PJM region.

“Importantly, York 2 was built and will operate cost-effectively without the need for government or public subsidies, demonstrating that letting the competitive markets work is the best way to optimize generation resources.”

The company explained that electricity is first generated at plant via two natural gas combustion turbines and the two heat recovery steam generators in the plant then use exhaust heat from the combustion turbines to produce steam, which is routed to a steam turbine to create more power.

McDermott International has also announced that it has achieved substantial completion at Calpine’s York 2 Energy Center.

McDermott North, Central and South America senior vice president Mark Coscio said: “McDermott is pleased to announce that the York 2 Energy Center Combined-Cycle EPC power station project is substantially completed and as such Calpine has commenced commercial operations.

“Thank you to the McDermott project team who has maintained the highest levels of focus, dedication and safety to achieve this milestone on this world-class power station.”