Veken Technology and ESY SUNHOME conducted a strategic cooperation signing ceremony during the sodium battery production and commencement event. The two companies will collaborate on implementing sodium battery products and jointly drive the advancement of the residential and commercial energy storage industry. Present at the ceremony were ESY SUNHOME CEO Mr. Lee, Veken president Mr. He Chengming, Veken CTO Mr. Chen Liangqin.

As per the agreement, Veken will offer ESY SUNHOME sodium battery technology and technical guidance. This support aims to enhance the overall performance of energy storage batteries and bolster the competitiveness and international presence of ESY SUNHOME’s residential and commercial energy storage products.

ESY SUNHOME boasts proficient research and development, production, and testing teams, along with a remarkable marketing team comprising individuals with international experience. The company has established a well-defined global strategic business framework and demonstrates a keen understanding of market trends and product information.

Sodium-ion batteries exhibit exceptional performance at low temperatures. They can discharge reliably even in extremely cold environments as low as -40°C. Furthermore, these batteries perform admirably in high-temperature conditions of up to 80°C, surpassing the capabilities of lithium-ion batteries.

Moreover, both the chemical composition and safety characteristics of sodium-ion batteries are more stable compared to lithium-ion batteries. Sodium-ion batteries are not prone to catching fire or exploding when subjected to situations such as overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuiting, puncturing, or physical pressure.

Sodium-ion batteries demonstrate remarkable rate performance and possess a significant advantage in terms of fast charging capabilities. They can charge devices to over 80% capacity in just around 15 minutes. Additionally, sodium-ion batteries can handle high discharge rates, achieving 2-3 times higher rates than lithium batteries. These exceptional performance characteristics of sodium-ion batteries ensure the stable operation of energy storage products in various challenging conditions.

Furthermore, sodium-ion battery technology is compatible with the existing lithium-ion battery production process. This compatibility allows for the swift transition and utilisation of current lithium-ion battery production equipment and production lines, facilitating the rapid deployment and implementation of sodium-ion batteries.

The signing of this agreement marks a significant milestone for both parties, representing a new phase of collaborative and mutually beneficial cooperation aimed at achieving enhanced growth. Following the agreement, regular conferences and meetings will be scheduled to address cooperative endeavours, fostering the development of the partnership, the new energy industry, and the widespread adoption of sodium-ion battery energy storage products. Most importantly, this partnership aims to contribute towards the global goal of carbon neutrality, working together to achieve a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.