The power utility said that the plant will have between three and six turbines, and the total installed capacity is to be 4MW-6MW. EDF said the plant will be linked to the national grid near Cotes d’Armor, Brittany.

In a statement, chairman and managing director, Pierre Gadonneix, said that renewable energy development was one of EDF’s strategic priorities.

More than four years of studies, consultation and preparatory work to assess the tidal power potential has been underway along both the coast of Brittany and neighbouring Normandy. EDF said that it elected the Paimpol-Brehat location based on technical and financial criteria.

He added: “This tidal turbine project, which is in keeping with this policy, is a response to the work done at the French Environment Forum.”

EDF said the pilot project will enable the technology to be tested under real conditions, which would enable profitability to be judged and to draw up the appropriate administrative and legal framework.