Production on Draugen is started after a successfully completed turnaround. The work started on June 23, according to plan and ended July 20th, two days ahead of schedule. The start-up went according to plan and production started July 21st, just in time to meet the agreed tanker loading. The loading is ongoing and will be finished July 23rd.

15 000 manhour executed, with up to 169 people on board over a period of four weeks, 89 people on dayshift and 80 on nightshift. Following strict rules related to Covid-19.

Important projects and maintenance activities for Draugen are completed. To ensure best performance of the platform for the next two-three years, until the next turnaround.

Replacement of corroded piping and valves in hydrocarbon services

Preparations for Draugen Gas import, Draugen Long Term Power

Change out of subsea control system

Inspection of corroded x-mas trees

Turndown project, adjustment of equipment to optimize reductions in productions over time.

Installed x-line for G-cyclones, reducing deferment when cleaning other hydro cyclones.

Inspection of heat exchangers, vessels and the flare system, according to the inspection program.

Re-certification of 167 relief valves

Testing of emergency shutdown functions, and other safety functions.

Shutdown related maintenance for all disciplines


Tor Bjerkestrand, SVP Operations, gives thanks to all the internal OKEA resources:

“Large parts of the offshore organisation have been onboard for a three-week period. Some have started the work period one week ahead of normal schedule, some have extended their work period after normal work schedule, adjusting their summer vacation to meet the turnarounds needs.”

He also gives thanks to the important vendors and contractors of OKEA. They were a big part of the operation and in close cooperation with OKEA. This includes Vestbase, SODEXO, Aker Solution, Linjebygg, Halaas & Mohn, OssNor, IKM TESTING, Maintech, ABB, Aker Inspections, Karsten Moholt AS and TESS.