Trina Solar’s new solar panels using 210mm cells are claimed to generate over 500W of power and can prevent the risks associated with ultra-high power modules

Trina Solar

Trina Solar begins mass production of new solar panels. (Credit: Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures.)

Chinese PV-module maker Trina Solar announced that it has started mass production of the new 500W+ Duomax V and Tallmax V modules at its plant in China.

The V series modules were launched by Trina Solar in February this year and the start of their mass production is claimed to be a milestone for the company.

Trina Solar claims that its 500W+ V series modules have a conversion efficiency reaching 21% and a power output of more than 500W. Using 210mm cells, the 500W+ V series modules are available in two versions, the Duomax V bifacial double-glass modules and Tallmax V back sheet modules.

New modules can be connected to existing mainstream photovoltaic system designs

The modules can be connected to existing mainstream photovoltaic system designs, including tracking solutions, the company said.

The modules are based on Trina Solar’s multi-busbar technology and are designed to integrate advanced three-piece, non-destructive cutting and high-density packaging technologies, which are claimed to reduce potential risks associated with ultra-high power modules such as voltage, current and thermal overload and micro cracks.

Trina Solar vice general manager and executive vice president Yin Rongfang said: “The 500W+ V series modules are the result of many technological improvements to the manufacturing process undertaken over the last 20+ years combined with our accumulated experience in many aspects of the end-to-end process, including product integration and downstream systems.

“We are encouraged by the fact that the products have received wide attention and recognition from our industry colleagues, customers and media since their launch. The 500W+ V series modules not only bring us to a new breakthrough point for customer value maximization, but also inject a new driving force for value growth into the whole photovoltaic industry chain.”

The Duomax V bifacial double-glass modules have secured the IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 PV module performance standards certificates.

In November last year, Trina Solar announced that its State Key Laboratory (SKL) of PV Science and Technology (PVST) of China has set a new world record of 23.22% for a high-efficiency large-area quasi-monocrystalline n-type (c-Si) i-TOPCon solar cell.