Global renewable energy developer and solutions provider BayWa r.e. has successfully completed three photovoltaic (PV) self-consumption projects for Merck, one of the world’s leading brands in the pharmaceutical sector, and Tetra Pak, a global player in the food processing and packaging industry.

Each of these projects, located near Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville, demonstrates BayWa r.e.`s commitment to supporting businesses in Spain and beyond with their energy transition goals. By installing PV systems on their premises, Merck and Tetra Pak reduce their carbon footprint, lower their energy costs, and increase their energy independence.

Ground-mounted PV at Merck`s pharmaceutical and chemical plants

BayWa r.e. designed, developed and built a ground-mounted PV installation of 2.2 MWp for leading science and technology company Merck at its pharmaceutical and chemical plants in Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona), which covers an area of 10,600 square metres and is capable of generating 2.8 million kWh per year, meeting around 60% of the plant`s energy demand. The project will also reduce CO2 emissions by 800 tonnes per year, contributing to Merck`s ambition to achieve climate neutrality by 2040.
This is the first energy solution project for BayWa r.e. in the pharmaceutical sector in Spain.

PV rooftop and carport installation for Tetra Pak

BayWa r.e. also carried out two self-consumption projects for Tetra Pak at its production plants in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) and Seville, as part of the leading food processing and packaging company’s energy transition strategy. The projects consist of a PV rooftop and a PV carport installation with a total capacity of almost 1.3 MW. The PV rooftop project near Madrid is characterised by a unique feature: the installation there is covering three buildings and is managed wirelessly from one central point, allowing the system to use the energy surplus of one building to supply the other ones.

In 2019, BayWa r.e. already developed a 1 MWp PV rooftop installation at Tetra Pak’s plant in Thailand, followed by another 850 kWp installation at their plant in Italy in 2021. Last year, BayWa r.e. also installed a 1.2 MWp PV system at Tetra Pak’s beverage carton manufacturing factory in Vietnam.

Ana Lopez, General Manager Power Solutions BayWa r.e. in Spain, said: “We are proud to partner with Merck and Tetra Pak, two global leaders in their respective fields, to deliver these innovative and sustainable self-consumption PV solutions. These projects showcase our expertise and experience in designing, building, and operating PV systems that meet the specific needs and expectations of our clients. We are committed to expanding our presence and portfolio in Spain, one of the most dynamic and attractive markets for renewable energy in Europe.”

Andrea Grotzke, Global Director Energy Solutions, BayWa r.e., added: “These projects are a testament to our engagement to drive forward the corporate energy transition, not only in Spain but worldwide. We believe that brands like Merck and Tetra Pak play an important role in accelerating the adoption of renewable energy, as they set an example for other businesses and consumers to follow. With an overall track record of more than 1000 projects in Europe and Southeast Asia, our global network and expertise, we are well-positioned to continue to offer tailor-made energy solutions for companies.”