Power and heat from the power plant is supplied into the Stadtwerke Kie-operated electricity grid and district heating network


The Stadtwerke Kiel’s new gas-fired power plant. (Credit: Stadtwerke Kiel AG)

German municipal utility, Stadtwerke Kiel, has commissioned a gas engine-based combined heat and power (CHP) plants, with a total electrical output of 190MW and a thermal output of 192MW.

The KIEL gas-fired power plant is equipped with 20 Jenbacher J920 FleXtra gas engines provided by INNIO Technology.  The INNIO’s engines replace decommissioned coal-fired power plant, resulting in carbon dioxide reduction of over 70%. It also exceeded overall efficiency by 92%.

INNIO president and CEO Carlos Lange said: “With Germany’s plans to shutter all coal plants and rely primarily on renewable energy, our Jenbacher J920 gas engines will help balance the Kiel grid.

“As renewable energy usage will continue to grow across Germany, INNIO will continue to make significant investments in research and development and will further expand its technological leadership in power generation based on regenerative gases-in specific, hydrogen and hydrogen carrier gases-to help build out 100% carbon neutral and carbon free power plants.”

KAM served as construction contractor for Stadtwerke Kiel facility

The power and heat produced by the coastal power plant are supplied into the electricity grid and district heating network operated by Stadtwerke Kiel.

Kraftanlagen München (KAM), part of French group Bouygues Construction, served as the construction contractor for the project.

It was responsible for engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning the turnkey power plant, including the auxiliary buildings and integrating the heat storage and electrode boiler.

Stadtwerke Kiel Technology And Personnel board member Dr Jörg Teupen said: “We are not only shaping the future of Kiel’s energy supply, we are also contributing to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.”

The plant has a capacity to supply environmentally friendly district heating to over 73,000 households and facilities in Kiel.

Besides, the electric power generated by the facility is fed into Kiel’s 110kv power grid, which supplies electricity both to households in the state capital and some of the surrounding municipalities.

The new power plant contributes to the country’s plan for a cleaner electricity sector by increasing the adoption of renewable energy and eliminating coal-fired power plants.