Studio X will immediately offer software tools, on-demand work, prize-winning challenges, mentorship opportunities, and more to energy innovators


Image: Royal Dutch Shell head office in the Netherlands. (Credit: P.L. van Till at nl.wikipedia)

Studio X, a first-of-its-kind open innovation studio powered by Shell (NYSE: RDS), launched today with three initial products to help define the future of exploration.

Starting with three products focused on exploration and discovery, Studio X will immediately offer software tools, on-demand work, prize-winning challenges, mentorship opportunities, and more to energy innovators.

  • Xeek is the home for crowdsourcing revolutionary geoscience ideas. We unite data scientists and geoscientists from all over the world in a community dedicated to tackling complex problems with brilliant solutions.
  • XCover is a global talent network for virtual exploration projects. We match specialized geoscience talent to a variety of rewarding exploration projects run from state-of-the-art virtual workstations, enabling you to execute projects from anywhere in the world at any time.
  • SixLab is a no-strings attached incubator, powered by Shell, that provides exploration entrepreneurs with access to world-class mentorship, resources, and facilities to help shape the future of energy.

“Studio X brings tech advances at a challenging time for exploration and the global economy,” said Mauhan Zonoozy, Acting GM of Studio X. “The technology within will lead to better ways of working in the exploration field — increasing collaboration and ultimately improving outcomes. Studio X will fuel big ideas, connect a network of global talent with remote work opportunities, empower and guide entrepreneurs and startups, and crowdsource bold solutions to make the ideas of today into the industry-leading tools of tomorrow.”

While technology and innovation are constantly being introduced, the ways of working in the exploration space have generally remained the same until now. Studio X will break down silos, improve outcomes, and increase collaboration, using a flexible workforce.

“Studio X was developed by Shell to reimagine the future of work in exploration,” said Marc Gerrits, Shell’s Executive Vice President of Global Exploration. “To meet increasing global energy demand, oil and gas will remain an element of the energy mix for decades to come. By harnessing efficiencies, embracing new technologies, and deploying digital capabilities, Studio X will be at the forefront as the exploration profession evolves.”

In launching Studio X, Shell (or potentially third-party project sponsors) offers real-world projects with data to an untapped worldwide network of scientists, entrepreneurs, and tech leaders – crowdsourcing ideas and nurturing companies to usher in a new chapter in exploration.

“Studio X couldn’t come at a more important time in our industry – especially given the ongoing global pandemic,” said Michael Tischer, exploration geoscientist and XCover Explorer-In-Residence. “In addition to its first physical studio located in Austin, TX Studio X offers remote work opportunities – eliminating geographic constraints. Scientists, researchers, and innovators can participate on their own terms, either between projects or as a full-time endeavor. That’s especially appealing for those who have worked in this industry and are looking for new forums to share their ideas.”

Source: Company Press Release