The project expands Quinbrook’s portfolio to 2.6GW, with over 1.6GW of solar and 1GW of battery storage capacity


Quinbrook acquires Project Fortress. (Credit: Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners Pty Ltd.)

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners has acquired a 350MW solar plus battery storage project, dubbed Project Fortress to be constructed in Kent, UK.

It is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP), and was granted development consent by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in May 2020.

Once operational, the project is anticipated to become the largest single site solar PV installation in the country.

The renewables infrastructure investor intends to commence the construction at Project Fortress in the first half of 2022.

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners managing partner and co-founder Rory Quinlan said: “We believe Project Fortress is a landmark transaction on many fronts and represents a new frontier in UK solar teamed with large scale battery storage.

“We have been immersed in large scale solar and storage in the US for many years and we can apply our significant experience in project design and equipment selection to ensure Fortress becomes the new benchmark for renewables that support the UK grid rather than challenge it.”

Fortress is designed to provide critical support to improve security and reliability for the UK power grid and help continue the UK’s sustainable drive to Net Zero.

The project is expected to generate renewable power adequate for nearly 100,000 households in the UK, and help reduce carbon emissions by 164,450 tonnes in its first year.

With the Fortress, Quinbrook’s solar and battery storage portfolio has increased to 2.6GW, of which 1.6GW of solar PV and 1GW of battery storage capacity, in the US and UK.

The company, through its portfolio company Primergy Solar, is currently developing the 690MW Gemini solar plus storage complex in Nevada, US

With 380MW/1,400MWh of battery storage capacity, Gemini is designed to generate adequate renewable energy to meet the residential power demands of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Quinlan added: “Fortress is an excellent example of the scale of new renewables impact the UK needs to build not only to rapidly decarbonize the UK power sector, but also to meet the 13% increase in electricity demand that the Ten Point Plan is expected to create by 2030.

“The acute power price volatility and security of energy supply concerns we have seen in the UK these past weeks highlight how critical new capacity investment in the UK will be to deliver the energy transition without further disruption.

“We plan for Fortress to play its part in helping to improve energy independence for the UK. Fortress provides a timely opportunity to showcase the application of advanced technologies that are critical to verify the carbon reductions available to our customers from Fortress.”