Petroteq Energy, an integrated oil and gas company, has completed continuity testing at its Asphalt Ridge facility and is making arrangements for continuous operations and marketing activities.


Image: Petroteq's Asphalt Ridge Facility. Photo: courtesy of Petroteq Energy Inc.

“While the pricing and structure of the sales production/marketing strategy are yet to be finalized, Petroteq management is confident that operational costs and related discounts will be much lower than the discount on Canada’s heavy crude, which reached a nearly five-year high last week. The discount should remain high with pipelines at capacity and the refining customers going offline for seasonal maintenance.” stated CEO David Sealock.

“We believe that the market for Petroteq’s heavy oil product is attractive as our Asphalt Ridge facility is in close proximity to major refineries in Utah. We expect pricing to track West Texas Intermediate quite closely, as the refiners are already used to buying and using Utah Heavy Oil as part of their refining mix.” Commented Mr. Sealock.

“As we progress our operational activities key aspects of operations and proprietary solvent processes are being reviewed and vetted by Dr. Jerry Bailey, President and Director, and Mr. Vladimir Podlipskiy, Chief Technology Officer, and since we have added a lot of new equipment to our enhanced facility, we are already finding opportunities to refine our techniques for more efficient production”, stated Executive Chairman and Founder, Mr. Alex Blyumkin.

“We continue to focus on becoming the first environmentally friendly oil sands mining facility,” stated Jerry Bailey, “I am extremely impressed with the work completed by our site operations team. As I review all 14 operating processes that comprise the ten stages of our facility, I have to mention the dedication and experience of our field team. The diversity of the team, comprised of U.S. Armed Forces veterans, Native Americans and the local Unitah Basin workforce is a key component in our success.” he concluded.

Mr. Vladimir Podlipskiy, Chief Technology Officer of Petroteq, stated, “The operational readiness of the facility coincides with the laboratory testing that we have been conducting. With multiple samples that have been taken from our mining operations, we have determined the proprietary solvent molecular and volumetric specifications to effectively and efficiently work with our proprietary extraction process. We are also looking at the many new and compelling products that will work with and integrate with our proprietary solvent process to improve the separation of oil from sand as well as stabilize and reduce asphaltenes in the oil to produce a better grade of heavy oil. We are continually improving our proprietary processes which uses no water, produces zero greenhouse gas, zero waste and requires no high temperatures.”

Source: Company Press Release