As the offshore wind farm industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, the need for cutting-edge machinery that can efficiently produce the essential components for these monumental structures has skyrocketed. From wind towers to offshore foundations, the manufacturing process of these vital components plays a vital role in ensuring the success and sustainability of offshore wind farms.

In the realm of offshore wind farm component production, we embark on an exploration of cutting-edge technologies and processes that propel the sea`s renewable energy revolution. With the increasing global emphasis on renewable energy, the demand for dependable and high-capacity machinery has reached an unprecedented level.

These machines are specifically designed to manufacture the colossal wind towers that play an indispensable role in supporting the vital components of turbines. These towers optimize wind capture, ensure structural resilience, and seamlessly transmit the generated power. These crucial factors contribute to the efficient and smooth operation of the wind farms. Furthermore, the sturdy foundations that securely anchor the towering turbines to the seabed, along with a range of meticulously crafted components, form the robust backbone of offshore wind farms.

The Vital Role of Plate Rolls in Offshore Foundation Manufacturing

Offshore wind foundations play a crucial role in ensuring the stability and support of wind turbines in marine environments. The production of these foundations involves a series of specialized processes that are specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges of offshore installation. From strategic design and engineering to the construction of various types of foundations such as monopiles, jackets, tripods, and TPs, every step of the manufacturing process is carried out with utmost professionalism.

With extensive expertise in the wind industry, the Faccin Group delivers top-notch rolling solutions that empower the construction of offshore foundations, including those utilized for floating wind farms. These robust and oversized rolling machines effortlessly bend plates with thicknesses surpassing 150 mm.

The Faccin® 3-roll or 4-roll rolling machines for cans and cones manufacturing stand out due to a multitude of features that further elevate the overall performance. These remarkable machines boast a sturdy design and a heavy-duty base frame, ensuring unparalleled precision in every rolled piece. With their powerful bending force, they enable precise pre-bending of plates. Moreover, their electronic balancing system guarantees maximum precision. The optimized automatic calibration functions not only save valuable production time but also enhance overall efficiency. The hydraulic system of these machines is highly effective, providing high speed while reducing power consumption. The micro positioning technology ensures repeatability and enhanced productivity. Additionally, the special transmission system, along with the centralized lubrication system, guarantees reliability.

Offshore Wind Tower Manufacturing with Advanced Plate Rolling Systems

The fabrication of offshore wind towers encompasses a blend of cutting-edge engineering, steel manufacturing, stringent quality checks, and specialized surface shielding to construct sturdy and durable structures that can withstand the challenging conditions of offshore wind farms.

The utilization of plate rolling systems holds utmost significance in the construction of offshore wind towers. These systems effectively convert flat steel plates into curved, cylindrical, or conical segments through a precisely controlled rolling process. Subsequently, these cylindrical segments are joined through welding techniques to create a robust tower section.

The Faccin® plate rolling system, commonly referred to as the “Faccin® Wind Tower Automation System,” achieves even the most ambitious goals by producing hundreds of cans and cones per month. The system enables the fabrication of pieces boasting an impressive plate thickness of over 100 mm.

It is composed of a heavy-duty and robust 4-roll plate rolling machine. In addition to their large size and capacity, Faccin`s machines symbolize innovation, incorporating advanced features and intelligent automation to streamline the manufacturing process. With sophisticated control systems and precise instrumentation, these machines deliver unmatched accuracy and consistency. To excel in high-volume manufacturing and challenging industrial applications, the machine is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system that not only ensures flawless performance and mass production but also energy efficiency.

The system also includes a motorized feeding table with an alignment device, top and side supports, a clamping system for on board tack-welding, and efficient handling systems. All these accessories are controlled by a highly advanced fully programmable Siemens CNC, which can be operated by a single operator. With its advanced engineering, the Wind Tower Automation System ensures the automation of even the most intricate wind rolling projects.

The FACCIN GROUP Sets the Standard in Metal Forming

The Faccin Group, with its combined experience spanning over two centuries, proudly leads the way in the metal forming industry. Our expertise and innovation set us apart as we shape the future. Our distinguished group brings together leading brands – Faccin®, Boldrini®, and Roundo® – renowned for their excellence in plate rolling, profile bending, and dished-head manufacturing. United under one roof, we offer the widest range of high-quality solutions available on the market.

Our group is committed to driving progress of renewable energy, understanding the important role our technology plays in supporting the growing wind power industry. We offer also a comprehensive range of solutions for the production of onshore towers, as well as door frames and flanges.

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