Samsung Electronics has partnered with British Gas, offering customers enhanced control over their home energy consumption throughout the UK.

This latest collaboration expands the capabilities of SmartThings Energy by integrating with British Gas’ PeakSave incentive programme. Through this initiative, users gain the ability to optimise their home’s energy efficiency with minimal intervention.

Samsung Electronics executive vice-president Chanwoo Park said: “As one of the UK’s most trusted brands, British Gas is the perfect fit for us as an innovative technology business.

“Together we are now able to harness SmartThings Energy to provide customers with easier control into optimising their daily routines and energy use.”

As the foremost energy and home services provider in the UK, British Gas boasts a rich history spanning over two centuries, having originated in 1812 as the world’s inaugural utility company. With a commitment to sustainability, British Gas not only supplies energy to 10 million homes and businesses across the UK but also plays a pivotal role in the nation’s journey towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The company actively assists customers in reducing their homes’ carbon footprints by offering a diverse range of energy-efficient home improvements.

A key outcome of the collaborative partnership involves the integration of SmartThings Energy’s Auto Demand Response (Auto DR) feature with British Gas’ PeakSave programme in Great Britain, effective immediately. PeakSave incentivises British Gas customers to shift their electricity usage away from peak hours when electricity demand is high. The seamless integration with SmartThings Energy’s Auto DR empowers customers to effortlessly participate in the programme, as the Auto DR feature automatically adjusts appliance operating modes when triggered during peak events. In return, customers have the opportunity to earn monetary rewards for reducing their electricity consumption during these events.

Activating SmartThings Energy’s Auto DR feature can be achieved through various methods, depending on the type of appliance. Firstly, it can automatically engage the AI Energy Mode in SmartThings Energy, optimising energy use in supported appliances. Secondly, the power-off function allows users to reduce energy consumption by turning off certain appliances when appropriate, including select third-party lights and plugs. Additionally, energy savings can be realized through smart temperature adjustments for EHS (Heatpump) products and third-party thermostats. Even for users without Auto DR-compatible appliances, SmartThings Energy assists by sending alerts through the application when a peak event is triggered. This proactive approach enables users to take customized actions to save energy upon receiving notifications.

Beyond its implementation in Great Britain, Samsung has successfully introduced its Demand Response (DR) service in various other regions. Noteworthy launches took place in Seoul, California, and New York in the year 2023. Samsung’s strategic vision involves ongoing collaborations and the development of diverse programs aimed at advancing the concept of the Net Zero Home. The company is committed to expanding its DR service globally. Notable recent milestones in this endeavour include the unveiling of an energy-efficient residential community in Brobyholm, Sweden, announced in November 2023, and the presentation of the Southern Company project at CES 2024. These initiatives underscore Samsung’s dedication to promoting sustainability and energy efficiency on a global scale.