Petrofac to provide operations and maintenance support for Repsol Sinopec’s six additional assets


Petrofac to increase support to Repsol Sinopec. (Credit: Petrofac Limited)

UK-based firm Petrofac has extended the scope of the contract with Repsol Sinopec Resources UK for the latter’s offshore maintenance operations on oil platforms in the UK North Sea.

Following enhancement to the existing contract, the oilfield services provider is preparing to extend its provision of operations and maintenance services to Repsol Sinopec.

As per the terms of the enhanced agreement, Petrofac will be responsible for providing operations and maintenance support for Repsol Sinopec’s six additional assets in the UK North Sea.

About  200 Repsol Sinopec personnel to be transferred to Petrofac

Around 200 employees supporting the Repsol Sinopec’s Claymore, Tartan, Clyde, Montrose, Arbroath and Bleo Holm assets are also planned to be transferred to Petrofac, following a period of transition.

Petrofac West engineering and production services managing director Nick Shorten said: “Since our initial appointment in 2016, our scope of support for Repsol Sinopec has grown steadily and the inclusion of this additional asset group demonstrates our client’s continued confidence in our delivery.

“We are delighted and very much look forward to continuing our support of Repsol Sinopec’s late life strategy, through safe and effective operations.”

Under the existing contract with Repsol Sinopec, Petrofac already supports six assets and provides engineering support services for brownfield modifications and projects in the North Sea.

Recently, Petrofac announced plans to lay off nearly 20% of its workforce in response to the adverse conditions affecting the oil and gas industry.

Additionally, the company plans to reduce its overhead and project support costs by at least $100m in the current year and by up to $200m in 2021.