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DeltaTek – Saving rig time

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ABOUT DeltaTek

SECTOR: Oil & Gas

SUB SECTOR: Upstream     


With advanced downhole technologies, DeltaTek’s mission is simple, to save rig time.


DeltaTek specialises in the well construction sector and has developed pioneering technologies, which are applicable to all types of subsea projects, regardless of water or well depth. A century of experience exists in DeltaTek’s leadership team to optimise drilling rig efficiency through intelligent technology developments.

Advances in drilling technology are paving the way for unlocking challenging reservoirs and achieving the industry wide goal of maximising economic recovery. The focus on technology, collaboration and people are required to keep the industry moving forward – and DeltaTek aims to be at the forefront of that movement.

Optimising Drilling Operations 

The recent oil downturn immersed the industry into continuous rounds of cost cutting, with the effects felt throughout. It was a challenging time for operators and service providers alike, as companies reassessed operations to establish a leaner, more cost-efficient and sustainable way forward. The current global epidemic and low oil price threatens to send the industry back into a time we have only just recently emerged from.


Recognising the growing need for reductions in cost and risk, DeltaTek Global was launched in 2015 in response to the requirement for efficiently implemented, intelligent, cost-saving and risk-reducing products. The company went on to receive funding from the OGTC and Scottish Enterprise to support technology development and went from concept to deployment in less than 18 months, a timeline unheard of in the oil and gas industry.


Saving rig time is the priority for DeltaTek and the company’s disruptive innovative Cure product range does just that.  DeltaTek’s expanding portfolio of services currently includes: ArticuLock, SeaCure, QuikCure, CoreCure and ControlCure. DeltaTek has developed simple and robust technologies that are proven to result in considerable savings to the operator’s bottom line.


Reducing costs and improving certainty

DeltaTek’s technology has been developed specifically to target common issues in the industry.

The harsh weather conditions offshore are a significant challenge to operators as they contribute to non-productive time and increased costs. In fact, weather-related downtime costs the UKCS a staggering £400 million each year. At the mercy of the elements, offshore drilling operations can be prolonged with high winds and rougher seas intensifying rig movement which can destabilise equipment. This is a well-known problem in the industry and operators often have no choice but to wait for calmer weather conditions to continue operations.

DeltaTek´s ArticuLock addresses this issue by extending the weather windows for deploying subsea equipment by counteracting increases in rig movement, allowing operators to save time and money. Behaving much like a camera gimbal, the proprietary system is essentially a ball and socket joint which removes bending stress from the subsea equipment. By removing the bending stresses caused by increases in rig movement it stabilises equipment and enables work to continue in weather conditions which would have previously suspended operations.

Enhancing efficiency 

Contending with remote and harsh environmental conditions, the challenges presented during offshore drilling can be significant and result in increased rig time and costs. To overcome these challenges, operators are looking for innovative solutions which can assist in optimising drilling operations by simultaneously increasing productive time and reducing costs.

SeaCure, DeltaTek’s inaugural technology, is a pioneering subsea cementing system, delivering stabbed-in, inner string cementing for subsea wells; using drill pipe inside the casing to optimise cement jobs. The novel system provides a range of major cost and time benefits to drilling and field development operations.

SeaCure has been proven to be successful in saving rig time and reducing costs and has been deployed on 30% of UK North Sea wells during the first half of 2019. DeltaTek is constantly evaluating projects and looking at ways to make their systems even more efficient.

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SeaCure – enhancing cementing operations

SeaCure® delivers stabbed-in, inner string cementing for subsea wells, eliminating the need for shoe tracks, improving cement placement, drill out performance and reducing the need for remedial cementing. SeaCure® is a completely mechanical system with no electronics or hydraulics, making it a robust and reliable technique for optimising cement jobs and saving rig time. DeltaTek completed successful trials both onshore and offshore, with the technology providing a range of major cost and time benefits to drilling and field development operations and has gone on to deploy SeaCure on 30% of newly drilled wells on the UKCS. SeaCure® is saving rig time by reducing costs, risk and unproductive time. Value: • Eliminates the shoetrack – reduction in drill-out time and associated risks • Eliminates laminar fluid interface – reduced fluid contamination, enhanced set cement properties • Provides efficient displacement – reduce displacement volumes, cement volumes, time and costs • Removal of remedial cementing techniques (e.g. TITUS) • Zero reliance on wellhead tooling or cement port seals • Improved drill out performance and minimised risk of cement block stuck BHA risk/BHA damage https://www.deltatekglobal.com/seacure/

QuikCure – rapid cement curing

QuikCure is the engineered process reducing Wait on Cement (WOC) time. SeaCure not only allows this inner-string method to be used subsea, it has the added benefit of allowing controlled post-cementing circulation inside the cemented casing. This allows circulation of heated fluids inside the casing (QuikCure), increasing the cement setting temperature environment and reducing cement curing time by up to 90%. Value: • Cut Wait on Cement by 90% • Cut cement accelerator • Reducing risk when cementing • Save rig time • Run after SeaCure https://www.deltatekglobal.com/quikcure/ ArticuLock – extending your weather window ArticuLock is a simple, robust assembly capable of opening up weather windows for installing subsea equipment by eliminating bending stress from rigid subsea deployment landing strings. ArticuLock was to stringent industry NS-1 and API standards, before conducting field trail and proving the robust designs effectiveness in reducing wait on weather time. The tool provides Open-water, Riser, Casing or Landing String articulation, even in extreme storm conditions, to expand the weather window for deployment of subsea trees, flowbases, EDP/LRPs and casing strings. Value: • Capacity to deploy subsea trees, flow bases, casing strings etc. • Enable emergency hang-off operations safe subsea deployment or interventions in extreme weather conditions causing high significant wave height, sea swell or loop current conditions • Facilitates tree-cap install or removal in mis-aligned trees • 30,000 ft/lbs torque rating facilitates structure orientation https://www.deltatekglobal.com/articulock/

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Contact DeltaTek
DeltaTek partners with GS Oilfield Solutions in Norway

Aberdeen-based well construction specialist, DeltaTek Global, has partnered with GS Oilfield Solutions to support its ongoing expansion in the Norwegian North Sea. GS Oilfield Solutions, based in Stavanger, Norway, offers resourcing services of all types of equipment required by the global oil and gas specialising in premium products within the drilling and well intervention sectors.

Oil & Gas

Investment Brings Rewards, Heralds Robust 2020

DeltaTek Global is heading into what is set to be a busy 2020, following on from a successful 2019. The well construction specialist, which commercialised less than 18 months ago, has experienced significant expansion – both in the UK and overseas – as its range of disruptive technologies continues to be deployed by some of the industry’s most prolific operators.

Oil & Gas

Contact DeltaTek
Contact DeltaTek
Contact DeltaTek
Contact DeltaTek

DeltaTek – Saving rig time

DeltaTek – Saving rig time