More oil; less water; less gas; and increased oil recovery.

– Better for the Economics and Better for the Environment.

– This is what AICV® technology achieves.

InflowControl are the inventors of the world’s most effective autonomous inflow control technology for upstream oil and gas wells – the AICV® (Autonomous Inflow Control Valve).

  • AICV® promotes oil production and can stop gas and water when breakthrough occurs (or solve problems for existing wells by retrofitting the completion).
  • AICV® closes autonomously and completely shut-off the unwanted fluid production at breakthroughs locally in the well. At the same time oil production will continue from the other inflow zones along the well, ensuring optimum oil production and recovery.
  • AICV® is completely self-regulating, and does not require any form of control, electronics, or connection to the surface. This provides operators with significantly more efficient production and increased recovery.
  • AICV® technology enables opportunities to drill longer wells and achieve maximum reservoir contact and importantly achieve ‘production conformance’ within each well.


The technology makes it possible to maximize well production far more efficiently than ever before. The AICV® eliminates the gas and water breakthrough problems and supports ‘Making Better Wells’.

Leaders in Autonomous Inflow Control Technology:  InflowControl has industry experts which have leading experience in developing Autonomous Inflow Control Technology.  InflowControl was founded by Dr. Vidar Mathiesen (CEO), Haavard Aakre (CTO) and Bjørnar Werswick (COO) who invented the AICV®.  Vidar and Haavard were the inventors of the RCP-AICD in 2006 which is owned by Equinor and licensed out to multiple vendors for use.