The new production well is expected to spud in May, using CTF 06 onshore rig, owned by Compagnie Tunisienne de Forage (CTF)


Panoro will drill a new production well at Guebiba field in Tunisia. (Credit: Pixabay/skeeze)

UK-based Panoro Energy, along with its Tunisian joint venture partner Entreprise Tunisienne d’Activités Pétrolières (ETAP), has unveiled plans to drill a new production well on the Guebiba onshore field in Tunisia.

The Guebiba onshore field is part of  Thyna Production Services (TPS) operated assets in the country. The drilling of a new production well marks the first drilling activity on its operated assets since 2015.

The well is expected to spud in May, using CTF 06, a 2,000 horsepower onshore rig owned by Compagnie Tunisienne de Forage (CTF), the Tunisian state-owned drilling contractor.

Panoro will complete drilling at Guebiba field prior to the exploration well at Salloum West

Panoro said that the drilling operations will use an existing top hole section, to target a new production interval on the Bireno formation at 3,600m in a known fault block compartment.

In addition, the assessment of the historical performance of the field demonstrates the requirement of a further drainage point to effectively utilise the resource potential present in the western panel of the field.

The expected incremental production uplift from the well is also anticipated to increase the daily output from TPS operated assets.

The company said that the proposed production well at Guebiba field is expected to be drilled prior to the Salloum West exploration well, which also targets the Bireno formation, and was delayed due to pending regulatory approvals.

In addition, the CTF 06 rig planned to be immediately mobilised to Salloum West, once the drilling operations at Guebiba are completed, by which time the anticipated final approval will be received.

Panoro CEO John Hamilton said: “We are extremely pleased to have secured the CTF 06 rig to drill at the Guebiba onshore field, in advance of its use on our Salloum West exploration well.

“Our Tunisian assets are undergoing an unprecedented high level of activity and we expect this to yield results in material additional production during the first half of 2020.”