Nu-Tech Precision Metals will start delivery of zirconium alloy pressure tubes for the Unit 6 of the 6.38GW Bruce nuclear plant later this month


Image: Officials from Bruce Power and Nu-Tech Precision. Photo: courtesy of Bruce Power.

Canadian company Nu-Tech Precision Metals is set to commence delivery of zirconium alloy pressure tubes to Bruce Power for the Unit 6 Major Component Replacement (MCR) Project at the 6.38GW Bruce nuclear power station in the Canadian province of Ontario.

The pressure tubes shipping is scheduled to commence this month and be completed in August 2020.

Nu-Tech to complete order delivery for the Unit 6 in August 2020

Nu-Tech Precision Metals president George Legate said: “This 10-year contract from Bruce Power for just over 3,000 pressure tubes equates to millions of dollars a year being injected into Renfrew County through the salaries paid to our employees and money flowing to our supply base located throughout the Ottawa Valley.

“It will also allow us to continue to provide financial assistance with the delivery of services in the Arnprior and McNab/ Braeside area.”

The MCR project forms part of Bruce Power’s $13bn Life-Extension Programme, a refurbishment programme that started from 2016 to ensure the safe operation of the Units 3-8 of the nuclear plant.

The life extension programme, which will continue through 2053, will allow Bruce Power’s units to operate safely through to 2064.

The MCR project for the Unit 6 at the Bruce nuclear power station is planned to start in January 2020.

Bruce Power said that approximately 50% of the tubes for Bruce nuclear Unit 6 are in various stages of manufacture at the Nu-Tech facility in Arnprior, Ontario while almost 15% of the order has been completed.

Bruce Power president and CEO Mike Rencheck said: “Nu-Tech has been in the business of producing seamless zirconium tubes for more than 60 years and has produced just about every pressure tube that’s in every Candu reactor around the world.

“The company’s long history of excellence and experience in the nuclear industry will support Bruce Power’s commitment to delivering our MCR initiative on time and on budget.

“Today’s announcement also signifies our ongoing investment in Ontario’s communities, which will create economic opportunities for the communities in which they operate for many years to come.”

In 2018, Bruce Power awarded C$914m ($711.9m) worth contracts for its MCR project at the Bruce nuclear power station.

BWXT Canada had bagged the biggest of contracts, valued at C$642m ($500m) for manufacturing 32 steam generators.