German turbine manufacturer Nordex Group has broadened its market position in the global market by securing further projects of over 195MW in Europe

Nordex Group

Image: Nordex Group receives 195 MW turbine supply order across Europe. Photo: courtesy of Nordex SE.

Nordex Group said that it has bagged turbine supply contracts in recent weeks for various wind farms across Europe with a combined capacity of over 195MW.

The orders are for N100/3000, N131/3600, N131/3900, N131/3300 and N149/4.0-4.5 turbines from twelve different customers, said the German turbine manufacturer.

The customers include project developers, utilities and citizen wind facilities which are based in countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, France, Croatia, and Germany.

The construction on the European wind farms is expected to begin in 2019 and 2020.

Nordex in a statement said: “Globally in recent weeks, the N149 / 4.0-4.5 turbines of the latest turbine platform Delta4000 were the “bestsellers” again.

“Since the market launch of the N149 / 4.0-4.5, the Nordex Group has received worldwide orders for this turbine type above 1.95 GW. Of these, 819 MW were generated in Europe, 806 MW in North America and 328 MW in Latin America and Australia.”

Nordex Group’s contracts in Spain and Scotland

Recently, the German turbine manufacturer secured a turbine order from Muirhall Energy for the Crossdykes project which is located 13kms to the north east of Lockerbie in Scotland.

The construction work at the Crossdykes project is due to start in 2019 and will be completed by next year. Once completed, the project is expected to provide 45,000 households with clean electricity.

Prior to that in August, Nordex Group acquired a contract from Alfanar Group to supply and install 22 turbines for two wind farms which are located in Spain with a combined capacity of 67.2MW.

The German turbine manufacturer claims to have installed more than 25GW of wind energy capacity in more than 40 markets and has generated approximately €2.5bn (£2.24bn) revenues in 2018.

Employing over 5,500 employees, the company’s joint manufacturing capacity includes factories in Germany, Spain, Brazil, the United States, India, Argentina, and Mexico.