Zuvo Water LLC (Zuvo Water), a US based manufacturer of water treatment products, has introduced a new water treatment system, Zuvo Water Purator that is cost effective than pitcher filters and bottled water. This water treatment system will reduce waste, expense, and environmental impact of bottled water. The company estimates the cost of drinking Zuvo water will be as little as $0.06 per gallon compared to $0.20 per gallon for pitcher-filtered water and over $1 per gallon for bottled water.

Zuvo harnesses the power of the Sun and Earth in a new process that replicates “Nature’s Water Cleansing Process.” Because the system is not restricted to a container or pitcher, it’s perfect for a family, chef, athlete, or anyone who wants clean, safe water without the wait or the waste.

“Our company is on a quest to deliver superior drinking water at an affordable price, and to reduce the impact of plastic water bottles on our environment,” states Andy Butler, CEO of Zuvo Water LLC. “We believe the new Zuvo Water Purator is a logical choice for those who value fresh water as part of a healthy lifestyle. Zuvo is committing 5% of all products sold to provide clean water to communities in the U.S. and around the world that don’t have access to potable water.”

The Zuvo Water Purator mimics nature’s water cleansing process by exposing tap water to ultraviolet light and ozone to create a harmful environment for water-borne bacteria and microorganisms, trapping particles and dissolved solids in a carbon filter, and exposing the filtered water to a final UV pass before it leaves the unit. This “puration” process preserves valuable mineral content in the water while reducing bad taste and potentially unhealthy contaminants.

The Zuvo Water Purator’s five-Step Puration process works as follows:

Step 1: Ozonation

Ozone, an oxidant known to destroy contaminants, is created within the unit. The ultraviolet (UV) light produces two wavelengths of UV. One is a germicidal wavelength, and the other produces ozone. This ozone is siphoned and mixed with incoming tap water. When ozone oxidizes, it leaves no chemical residue and improves the taste of drinking water.

Step 2: UV Light Exposure

Instead of trying to filter out bacteria and microbes, the patented Zuvo process uses both UV and ozone to create a harmful environment that destroys them.

Step 3: Photo-Oxidation

Photo-oxidation is what sets Zuvo Water Purator apart, combining ozone and UV in a patented process. The UV “catalyzes” the ozone to produce an even more rapid and effective reaction in a compact space.

Step 4: Activated Carbon Filtration

A high-performance 2 micron filter traps dissolved lead, chlorine, and microscopic particles such as parasitic cysts.

Step 5: Dual-Pass UV

As further protection against microorganisms, Zuvo Water Purator exposes the filtered water to a second high-intensity UV pass before the water leaves the unit.