International company Zirax and Dutch company Green Ocean signed distribution agreement for innovative absorbing solutions for oil spills prevention and response.

Zirax will distribute Green Ocean products in Russia, North Africa and Near East.

Under the Agreement Zirax will provide leading oil companies with unique Green Ocean absorbents which absorb 3-4 times more oil than any alternative product in the market. Because Green Ocean absorbents are made of mineral fibers, oil can be squeezed and material reused, without harmful contamination of nature. 

According to open media sources, more than 10,000 oil spills occur in Russia annually at oil producing and processing enterprises. About 1.5 million tons of oil spills to the environment, according to Russian pressstatistics. These figures do not include localspills at productions, loss of oil during transportation and storage of petroleum products. In the current conditions, the response speed and the quality of the technologies used are becoming critical for the industry. The global volume of expenses for spill response products grows by 7% annually and by 2022 will amount to more than $ 33 billion.

Green Ocean has an extensive range of products to ensure safety of oil production assets. “I warmly welcome our new partners. We see a high interest to our products due its’ to exceptionally high sorption and our unique assortment. Among our other products Green Ocean will present to the Russian market an effective system to preventsludge formation and contain spill. 1 meter of the system absorbs 150 liters of oil. Zirax's extensive distribution network will help leading oil companies to improve their ecological performance of oil production and refining processes" Shai Granovski, Green Ocean CEO, said.

“We are grateful to Green Ocean for the vote of confidence and the honor given to represent the company's interests on the prospective Russian and a number of international markets. Taking in consideration Zirax's extensive experience in supplying high-quality commercial chemistry to oil producers and service companies, well- established business ties and growing interest to our products, we believe that we will be able to provide our new partners with quality services promoting Green Ocean sorbents to our existing and new customers to solve their environmental and other issues related to the exploitation and production of hydrocarbons" said Zirax General Director Mikhail Petrushin.