Yingli Green Energy Spain is supplying solar panels totalling 50.6MW to Spanish developer X-Elio for two projects in Japan.

The two plants will be owned and operated by X-ELIO. The first solar plant, Hayato will have more than 52,650 pieces of Yingli’s YL320P-35b multi-crystalline solar panels.

The 16.9MW Hayato project will feature more than 52,650 pieces of YL320P-35b multi-crystalline solar panels, while the 33.7MW S-13 facility will have over 127,000 YL265P-29b multi-crystalline panels.

Hayato is anticipated to produce 19,700 megwatt-hours of electricity a year, with grid connection expected in December.

S-13 is expected to generate 39,400MWh/y and will be connected to the grid in October.

Electricity generated from the two solar plants is expected to help in avoiding more than 30,100 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Yingli Green Energy Spain managing director Fernando Calisalvo said: "This agreement is a solid provement of our strong partnership, in the long term with the key developers and operators, who rely on the quality and comprehensive service provided by Yingli.

“We aim to keep improving and enhance even further our collaboration with X-ELIO."

Headquartered in Baoding, China, Yingli has supplied more than 17GW of solar modules worldwide through its more than 30 regional subsidiaries.