The year 2011 will serve as an important test of commercial viability for new electric vehicles (EVs) with the introductions of EVs projected to gain momentum in 2011 accompanied by the widespread arrival of charging station networks,reveals a new report from Pike Research.

Pike Research’s white paper, ‘Electric Vehicles: 10 Predictions for 2011’, includes predictions about the EV market in 2011 drawn from the firm’s ongoing Clean Transportation research coverage with forecasts included for key market sectors.

According to the report, EV ‘range anxiety’ will be reduced with automakers getting pushback from EV owners regarding the length of time required to fully charge a vehicle and fuel cell vehicles will be sold to fleets and consumers in small but growing numbers.

The charging equipments will become widely available with the increase in the number of charging stations and the majority of people who drive a plug-in vehicle won’t own it.

Pike Research senior analyst John Gartner said that the automotive industry is bedeviled by fundamental questions of how consumers will accept and use electric vehicles.

"There is uncertainty about the issues of price sensitivity, range anxiety, importance of charging station networks, time required to charge EVs and other important matters," Gartner said.