The managing director of North Wales Tourism is calling for a review of Horizon Nuclear Power’s new proposals to house thousands of construction workers in Anglesey’s holiday accommodation during the decade-long build phase of Wylfa Newydd.

Jim Jones said Horizon’s revised plans, which were unveiled in public consultation documents launched on 24 May, have led to concerns that if holiday accommodation is taken up by construction workers, Anglesey’s tourism sector could be adversely impacted in the long-term.

Jim Jones said: “The Wylfa Newyd development is a huge investment into the economy of Anglesey and it has the potential to be a great catalyst project. But there is also a risk that, if thousands of workers are housed in holiday accommodation across the island, this could be a backward step for our tourism industry. As a membership body representing accommodation providers across Anglesey our job is to ensure our members are aware of the issues at stake and that their views are heard.”

Tourism is one of Anglesey’s main sources of employment and revenue. The sector employs around 4,000 people and generates in the region of £260 million every year. The island welcomes more than 1.5m holiday makers every year.

In two previous public consultations, Horizon Nuclear Power had indicated that it would accommodate up to 3,500 construction workers in a purpose-built workers village complex at Kingsland and Cae Glas, on the outskirts of Holyhead.

The worker’s village, set to have been built by developer Land & Lakes, would have been converted to high quality holiday accommodation once the construction of Wylfa was complete and delivered a legacy of hundreds of long term jobs for local people.

However, in what is its third – and likely final – consultation, Horizon Nuclear Power has now indicated that it will drop these plans in favour of housing its construction workforce in Anglesey’s holiday and private rental sectors. Some worker accommodation – at a level to be determined by demand – will be built on the power station site itself.

In partnership with the Anglesey Tourism Association and the Destination Anglesey Partnership, North Wales Tourism will host an open consultation day for Anglesey tourism sector on the 15th June. It will offer an opportunity for Anglesey tourism businesses to agree a mandate which will then be expressed to Welsh Government.  A further statement will be issued after this meeting.

Horizon’s consultation runs until 22 June. Members of the public can comment on Horizon’s new plans for Wylfa Newydd by writing to FREEPOST HORIZON NUCLEAR POWER CONSULTATION or by emailing