WSP Holdings, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Wuxi Seamless Oil Pipes Company (WSP China), has received 26 new purchase orders for API and non-API casing pipe, API tubing pipe and line pipe from PDVSA Services in Venezuela.

PDVSA is the state procurement office of the Venezuelan state-owned oil corporation, Petroleos de Venezuela, which constitutionally owns the country’s oil reserves.

These new purchase orders are for a total of 36,667 tonnes of API and non-API casing pipe, 11,359 tonnes of API tubing pipe and 6,298 tonnes of line pipe worth a total of approximately $91.8m.

The company expects to complete delivery of these orders by February next year.

These are follow-on orders to three purchase orders WSP China received from PDVSA in May 2010 for a total of 12,583 tonnes of API and non-API casing pipe and 8,399 tonnes of line pipe, the delivery of which has been substantially completed.

WSP Holdings is a manufacturer of API and non-API seamless casing, tubing and drill pipes used in oil and natural gas exploration, drilling and extraction, and other pipes and connectors.