Wright Line, a global outfitter for tech–driven environments, data centers, technical labs and government office settings, has introduced Rack Hygiene, a classification for data center energy management.

Wirght Line said that Rack Hygiene describes the way in which the data center rack envelope is designed, controlled and maintained. It encompasses the identification, analysis and repair of hot air leakage areas/infusion paths and cold air bypass routes within and around individual data center racks.

According to the company, Rack Hygiene approaches the rack as part of the airflow management system and sets standards for leakage. Regardless of the rack’s dimensions, it‘s incumbent upon the data center professional to employ systems that create an impenetrable barrier around the front plane of the rack in a front-to-back dominated airflow environment.

The tighter the seal provided around the front of the rack – exclusive of a thorough blanking panel strategy – the closer one can come to achieving rack hygiene nirvana, the company said.