The Scottish government has given permission for the building of the world's largest wave farm - 40 MW - off Scotland's Isle of Lewis.

The Scottish government has given permission for the building of the world’s largest wave farm off Scotland’s Isle of Lewis. Lewis Wave Farm will be rated at 40 MWe, making a significant contribution to meeting Scottish and UK government targets for renewable power.
The wave farm will in due course deploy between 40 and 50 Aquamarine Power ‘Oyster’ devices along the coast at Lag na Greine, near to Fivepenny Borve, in one of the best wave energy locations in Europe.
Royal Haskoning DHV, one of Europe’s leading independent project management, engineering and consultancy service providers, carried out the Environmental Impact Assessment including an intertidal survey (photo, right). Frank Fortune, technical director, Wave and Tidal Energy for Royal HaskoningDHV said: "This is an important milestone for Aquamarine Power, and for the wider marine renewables industry, heralding an exciting time when offshore renewable technology is beginning to realise its vast potential. With continued government support, installing large wave farms can become a commercial reality. "This is the first time a wave energy project of this scale has been given consent. The EIA had to assess a number of human and ecological receptors, and we were able to minimise and mitigate the potential impacts of the development."