Westlock Controls Launches New Product & Presents Itself as a Crane ChemPharma & Energy Business for the First Time at 2017 Valve World Americas Expo.

Westlock Controls, a leading manufacturer of valve monitoring and networking equipment, today announced that it will present its products and services at the 2017 Valve World Americas Expo & Conference, June 20-21 in Houston, TX.

Recently acquired by Crane Co., Westlock is an independent business within Crane’s ChemPharma & Energy business segment and will be displaying its technologies from the Crane booth (Booth #609). Among the products on display will be Westlock’s latest product, the Digital EPIC-2 valve position transmitter. To celebrate both the acquisition and the new product, Crane will host an in-booth event for attendees on June 20 at 1:00 PM local time.

Launched as a second generation product introduction, the Digital EPIC-2 is an intelligent valve position transmitter that offers discrete position control. Its reliable, non-contact position feedback with digital communication via HART® 7 protocol and DTM technology allow seamless integration into any control system, enabling remote configuration, calibration and diagnostics. Featuring advanced safety functions not previously available on the first generation introduction, the Digital EPIC-2 is capable of performing Emergency Shutdown Monitoring (ESM), simple Partial Stroke Testing (PST) implementation, and Solenoid Operated Valve Testing (SOVT), making it better equipped to preserve the integrity of critical safety systems. Its predictive diagnostics and intelligent alarms can pinpoint the root cause of
problems to predict necessary valve maintenance before it fails, lowering the total cost of ownership and ensuring effective valve maintenance and operational integrity.

“We couldn’t be more excited to participate in the upcoming Valve World Americas Expo & Conference alongside Crane ChemPharma & Energy,” said William Tatum, Sales Manager, Westlock Controls. “Crane has a strong reputation in the industry with an incredibly comprehensive portfolio, and we truly believe that the contribution of our valve monitoring equipment, like the new Digital-EPIC 2 valve position transmitter, complements Crane’s existing product offering allowing us to better serve all of our customers.”

In addition to being displayed in the booth, the Digital-EPIC 2 will be presented at Valve World’s Speaker’s Corner during which a live demo of the technology will be conducted (June 20 at 3:00 PM, Hall D of the Expo). To learn more about Westlock Controls and its products, visit its website (www.westlockcontrols.com) or stop by the booth (#609) to speak
with their team of technical experts.