Westinghouse Electric Company has filed a combined construction and operating license application with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission for two reactors at the Bellefonte nuclear power plant in northern Alabama, in response to an announcement by the Tennessee Valley Authority and NuStart Energy consortium.

Dan Lipman, senior vice president of Westinghouse nuclear power plants, said: Westinghouse is honored to have the AP1000 as the standard design for the NuStart, Tennessee Valley Authority construction and operating license application. This is a major milestone in the NP2010 program, and we now begin a rigorous Nuclear Regulatory Commission review process and prepare for construction.

The NP2010 program is a joint government-industry effort that seeks to provide solutions to meet future energy demand and address climate change. It specifically works to demonstrate new, untested processes for licensing reactors, identify sites for new nuclear power plants, complete engineering of new reactor designs, develop and bring to market advanced nuclear plant technologies and evaluate the business case for building new nuclear power plants.