Waves4Power has signed an agreement with the Norwegian company Stryvo Group AS covering full-scale series production of Waves4Power’s new wave energy system “Next Generation”.

The production site will be the former shipyard at Fiskaholmen in the municipality of Vanylven on the Norwegian west coast. Production is expected to begin in spring, 2018.

The Norwegian company Stryvo group in Stryn supplies products, structures and process systems for, among others, the oil and gas, maritime, renewable energy and constructions industries.

“We are very pleased with Stryvo’s offer of a suitable production site and resources for our new wave energy system “Next Generation” of our wave power system,” says Ulf Lindelöf, CEO Waves4Power.

“We are ready to start production as soon as the “Next Generation” leaves the drawing board and are aiming at spring 2018”, says Jostein Boe, CEO Stryvo Group.