Denmark and the US have inaugurated a new partnership, the Water Technology Alliance (WTA) California, in San Francisco.

The partnership intends to share knowledge and develop water technology solutions aimed at the current water crisis occurred due to climate change in the US.

Several Danish firms in the water sector will offer their expertise to American companies.

A California-based alliance set up by the Danish water distribution firm Aarhus Vand, and supported by The Danish Industry Foundation and the Danish Trade Council in Chicago, will serve as the foundation for a partnership between Danish and American companies, public bodies, and education and science institutions in the water sector.

The alliance also includes Kampstrup, Applied Biomimetec, Danfoss, Grundfos, Ramboll, Smith Innovation, Skytem, DHI, and Leif Koch.

It will initially focus on the water crisis in California with prime target on the shortage of water.

Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science Ulla Tørnæs said: "The collaboration is a good example of how Danish research can take on international tasks beyond the borders of Denmark.

"Denmark and California can benefit from each other’s knowledge, and in the meantime also create jobs."

Danish Industry Foundation CEO Mads Lebech said: "To us, the partnership in California is a pinprick operation undertaken in a select geographic region.

"If the project develops as desired concerning close collaboration, increased trade and the discovery of new findings, we can transfer the methodology of the project to other sectors and regions."