Wartsila, a supplier of decentralised power plants, has won three operations and maintenance (O&M) contracts for power plants in Brazil.

Borborema Energetica has contracted Wartsila to operate, maintain and supply spare parts for its 164MW Campina Grande plant in Paraiba.

The power plant, which runs on heavy fuel oil, will be operated in hot stand-by mode with short notice switchover capability to feed the national grid with base load power.

Wartsila won a second O&M contract from Maracanau Geradora de Energia for its 168MW power plant located in Ceara, which is also running on heavy fuel oil.

A third O&M agreement was signed with Linhares Geracao for running and maintaining a 204MW gas-fired plant in Linhares, Espirito Santo.

With the signing of these contracts, Wartsila now operates and maintains 15 power plants in Brazil having a combined capacity of 1.5GW.