Voith has signed an agreement with China Three Gorges to supply two 350MW reversible pump turbine generator units for the upcoming Zhejiang Changlongshan pumped storage power station in China.

The agreement also has a scope to strengthen cooperation between the two companies to promote hydropower in the African market.

Voith recently supplied equipment for the Hongping project in the country. The Changlongshan power station will be located in Anji County in the province of Zhejiang. The power station is expected to have a total capacity of 2.1GW.

It is claimed to rank number three in terms of capacity among pumped storage plants built or being built in China. The dam for water storage is located at a height of 710m, making it the highest in China and the second highest in the world.

Another aspect of emphasis in the agreement is to develop hydropower capacity in the African continent. Voith claims to have installed about 10GW of hydro power in Africa, since 1940s. On the other hand, China Three Gorges entered the African market in the 1950s and has also contributed there significantly.

The main idea is to bring more of a sustainable source of energy such as hydropower across the continent through their deepened cooperation, leading to economic growth and social progress in Africa.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Chinese President Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Founded in 1867, Voith currently has around 19,000 employees, with a presence in more than 60 countries. It is one of the largest family-owned companies in Europe. 

Image: Chinese President Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Angela Merkel together witnessed the signing of a joint cooperation agreement between Voith and China Three Gorges.. Photo: Courtesy of Voith GmbH.