Germany-based Voith has secured a €58m contract from Société Nationale d'Électricité for Inga I hydropower station in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

As per the agreed terms, the company will rehabilitate two generator-turbine units inside the hydropower station, while the new turbines are rated at 55MW.

The hydropower project on the River Congo, led by Voith in a consortium with the Spanish Elecnor, will be financed by the World Bank.

Voith holds 53% stake in the consortium, while the remaining 47% is held by Elecnor.

Commenting on the deal, Voith Hydro president and CEO Roland Münch said the new agreement allows the company to strengthen its position in the African renewable industry.

Meanwhile, the company has secured an order for equipping Phase II of Cambambe hydropower station in Angola and also completed the modernization of Phase I of Cambambe.

Currently, the hydropower potential on the African continent is around 400GW, but only 25GW have been developed so far.