US-based coal mining company VHG1 has reported the first coal shipment of 4,868 tons from its Landree Mine to Indianapolis Power & Light.

With this move, the company has shipped a total of 5,700 tons of coal in the month of March 2013.

Commenting on the progress, VHGI coal president Ron Hutchcraft stated that the company is pleased with the progress it has made over the last month, and has started to see the benefits of first phase of improvements to underground operations and preparation plant.

The Phase one of the improvement would be continued through April, Hutchcraft added.

VHG1 said that the speed of deliveries would be governed by mining conditions as well as the remaining implementation of Phase one this month.

The company expects to ship next batch of coal of 50 cars by 10 April 2013. Meanwhile, the company has estimated coal production capacity of 20,000 tons per month starting 1 May 2013 from its Landree mine.