Vertex Energy, a company engaged in the aggregation, recycling and processing of distressed hydrocarbon streams, has begun recycling material from the Gulf Coast oil spill utilizing its licensed Thermal-Chemical Extraction Process technology (TCEP).

The company will use its TCEP technology to extract oil by processing the recovered material in barge size quantities from the spill and will sell the oil back into the commodity market in Houston.

Vertex Energy’s participation in the Gulf Coast oil spill clean-up effort by processing the distressed hydrocarbon streams in a regulatory compliant manner is expected to reduce the US’ reliance on foreign crude oil and produce both financial and environmental benefits for the nation.

Vertex Energy CEO Benjamin Cowart said, “We are pleased to announce that we have become an active participant in the ongoing Gulf Coast clean-up effort.

“Our ability to receive significant volumes of the recovered material efficiently and process it in a regulatory compliant manner with our technology allows us to serve as a part of the solution to this problem while also benefiting commercially.

“While it remains unclear as to how much material we will be allocated for processing by BP Oil Supply Company, Vertex stands ready and remains committed to do our part to help meet the challenges resulting from this spill.”