Vattenfall AB (Vattenfall) has welcomed the proposed agreement on energy policy presented by the Swedish government. As per the company, Sweden needs a long-term, widely supported energy policy that incorporates responsibility for climate change issues.

“It’s good that the energy policy is becoming more focused on achieving clear targets and more neutral about the technology required to do so. Vattenfall will contribute to realising the ambitious targets for climate policy and renewable energy production, which are in line with Vattenfall’s strategy. “Vattenfall is investing billions of Swedish kronor in wind power and other renewable energy sources, and we welcome the fact that the processing of permits for building wind power units is being speeded up. This makes it easier for us to carry out our plan of building units providing 8 TWh of wind power in Sweden by 2016.

“We’re interested in building new nuclear power plants, provided that there is demand for this and it is profitable. We can now start to examine and weigh up the options.

“We’re also investing in maintaining and modernising existing plants, and these will continue to be competitive for a great many years to come,” Vattenfall’s President and Chief Executive Officer Lars G. Josefsson, said.