The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has awarded around $100,000 Rural Business Enterprise grant to the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT).

This funding will be used for determining the feasibility of alternative fuel plants in north-central Connecticut.

Currently, CCAT is heading a number of alternative fuel efforts such as a $20m, five-year coal/biomass to fuel program that tests technologies critical to creating alternative fuels from biomass and fossil sources for the US Defense Logistics Agency; the Connecticut State biodiesel program for the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development; and regional collaborations to advance hydrogen fuel cell usage.

CCAT is expected to collaborate with alternative fuel industry leaders to conduct the feasibility study.

Solena, a US-based sustainable energy firm , is developing plants to produce sustainable, non-petroleum sourced jet and diesel fuels across the country, while Fiberight, a leading edge clean technology company focuses on transforming post-recycled municipal solid wastes and other organic feedstocks into next generation renewable biofuels.