US Natural Gas Corp, an energy exploration company with operations in the Appalachian Basin, said it is preparing to increase its oil production three fold over the next two quarters.

In West Virginia, the company will initiate re-entry and completion procedures on four oil wells acquired in the Wilon Resources transaction.

The company intends to have new electrical logs completed on each of the wells to determine if any are candidates for treatment to enhance production, and work is anticipated to begin during the current week on the B Davis #719 well.

US Natural Gas Corp has recently acquired an additional lease with a previously producing well in Hart County, Kentucky.

The company plans to place this well back into production simultaneously as it furthers the development of its recently announced acquisition of 20 wellbores in Hart County, Kentucky.

US Natural Gas Corp is currently in discussions to acquire six wells in Metcalfe County, which are producing on average a combined 6bod to 8bod.

In addition, the company is identifying two wells to stimulate via a foam acid treatment similar to the recently announced procedure completed on the Hammonds #1 well in an attempt to increase production.

US Natural Gas Corp is principally engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of mature long-lived oil and natural gas properties.