Price comparison website has revealed that UK consumers could save GBP314 million by using two different energy suppliers, rather than the dual fuel tariffs that are increasingly offered by UK utilities.

<p>As a result, the website is recommending that UK utility customers separate their energy providers so that they source their electricity and gas from different companies. <br /><br />Paul Schofield, head of utilities at, said: It has been a common misconception that dual fuel is generally cheaper than taking out two separate deals. But our research shows the tables have turned and now Brits everywhere other than South Wales can save money by separating their energy providers.<br /><br />;s research revealed that consumers in the north of Scotland can save over GBP21 a year by swapping from the Utilita Energy Saver dual fuel tariff to British Gas&#0039;s Click Energy 3 for electricity and Atlantic&#0039;s Standard Online tariff for gas. All regions, other than South Wales, offer savings, revealed the website.<br /><br />Mr Schofield added: This shows how important it is to shop around for the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs available for your region and usage. Swapping utility tariffs is a simple click away these days. Consumers should not hold back on swapping or be afraid of having separate providers.</p>