The delivery of wind turbine components has started at SSE’s Clyde Extension wind farm in Scotland.

Clyde Extension wind farm will have a total capacity of 172.8MW supported by 54 wind turbines, which are being supplied by Siemens each with electricity producing capacity of 3.2MW.

This site is located near the lands surrounding Camps Reservoir to the northeast where the 350MW Clyde wind farm is located.

From King George V Dock, Braehead, the route for the turbines blades and tower sections will begin. These will travel east on the M8 and southbound on the M74. They will exit at Junction 13, Abington, on M74 and will travel north on A702 and will reach the site Access 1 at Wandel.

SSE Renewables construction project manager Oliver Flattery said: “This marks a significant milestone in the Clyde Extension project and we are looking forward to erecting the turbines in the coming months.

“Although the escorted delivery vehicles will be slow moving, the police will ensure deliveries are carried out safely and with minimum disruption to other road users.  We are expecting to start commissioning the site in September this year.”

Permission for the Clyde Extension wind farm was given by the Scottish government in 2014. Construction of the wind farm is taking place right now.

Apart from providing electricity needs for the local communities, Clyde Extension wind farm will also provide £5,000 of fund per installed megawatt every year.

As per an estimate, the 172.8MW can bring into the community, a fund of about £865,000 per annum for 25 years.

Image: Delivery of wind turbines for Clyde Extension wind farm has begun. Photo: Courtesy of SSE.