The governments of Tunisia and Russia have signed an agreement on peaceful uses of atomic energy.

The document was signed by Sergey Kirienko, Director General of ROSATOM, from the Russian side and Salim Khalbous, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Republic of Tunisia, from the Tunisian side.

The Agreement is the legal basis for bilateral cooperation between Tunisia and Russia in quite a number of areas of the civil nuclear power, which include assistance in development and improvement of Tunisian nuclear infrastructure in compliance with international recommendations; design and construction of nuclear power and research reactors, as well as desalination plants and particle accelerators; uranium exploration and mining; research of mineral resources of Tunisia for the purposes of the nuclear industry development; nuclear fuel cycle services for nuclear power plants and research reactors; radioactive waste management; production of radioisotopes.

The Agreement envisages the formation of the coordination committee that will control the Agreement implementation, handle any issues that may arise in the process of the implementation, and consult on any matters related to peaceful uses of atomic energy. The Parties also agreed on creating joint work teams that will carry out particular projects and scientific research, share experiments, organize seminars and symposiums, assist in scientific and technical personnel training, exchange scientific and research information for the purposes of the Agreement.