Synopsys, Inc. (Synopsys), a US based provider of semiconductor design and verification software platforms and integrated circuit, has been selected by Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (Tundra) as a primary electronic design automation (EDA) partner. The contract continues a multi-year collaboration that has resulted in the tapeout of multiple chips for communications, computing and storage companies.

Synopsys has a strong reputation of helping Tundra control costs by delivering services, IP and tool integration in a customized flow that maximizes engineering productivity.

During the past four years we have continued to build a successful relationship with Synopsys by partnering on the tapeout of several advanced process technology products, said Ed Vopni, vice president of engineering and operations at Tundra. We chose Synopsys as our primary EDA partner because they are the best vendor to deliver the services, IP, tools and support we need to bring leading-edge PCIe and RapidIO chips to the market. Synopsys’ solutions have allowed us to focus our engineering resources on delivering higher-value, differentiated products that solve our customers design needs.

With this most recent agreement, Tundra has now chosen products and services across Synopsys’ comprehensive portfolio, including Synopsys DesignWare cores; Synopsys’ Galaxy design platform featuring IC Compiler place-and-route technology, Design Compiler synthesis, Galaxy Custom Designer mixed-signal implementation, PrimeTime timing analysis, Star-RCXT parasitic extraction, Hercules physical verification, DFT MAX scan compression synthesis, and TetraMAX automatic test pattern generation; and Synopsys’ Discovery verification platform featuring the VCS, HSPICE and HSIM simulators for analog and digital verification.

In today’s challenging business climate, companies are re-evaluating how chips and systems are developed, said Joachim Kunkel, vice president and general manager for Synopsys’ Solutions Group. As the cost of design rises, companies need to focus on developing core competencies and key partnerships to maximize engineering productivity. Synopsys looks forward to continuing to work closely with Tundra to drive process and cost efficiencies as Tundra introduces new technologies at lower geometries.