Land Drainage Services (LDS) has been awarded an extension of its contract by the developers of the 900MW Triton Knoll offshore wind farm to provide liaison services between the project and local landowners in the UK.

The contract will help in balancing the needs and interests of Triton Knoll and its land owners, as the future installation of the wind farm’s underground export cable and infrastructure needs to take place.

The wind farm developers possess consent to install about 60km of onshore underground export cable, an immediate electrical compound at Orby and a new substation at Bicker Fen, which ensures the delivery of energy generated at the wind farm to about 800,000 UK households.

During the preparation for construction phase and into the work itself, the project will need to be continually liaison with more than 120 separate landowners and occupiers.

Triton Knoll project director James Cotter said: “We’re delighted to be able to award this contract to a local Lincolnshire company, and to be able to demonstrate our commitment to maximising the significant investment potential of the project for local firms.

“Land Drainage Services has demonstrated a real understanding of the project and the importance of putting land owners first, and has forged a positive and trusted reputation with local landowners.

“This is an important role representing the project on the ground, and we feel confident LDS will continue to deliver this to the best of their abilities.”

LDS’s official Neil Whitehead said: “Triton Knoll is a great project for us. For a major renewable energy project of this size, in a location like this, local knowledge of the land and the involved landowners is paramount.

“It’s so important, in these early stages to get relationships right. While this is a small farming community, it’s also a significant agribusiness area and has highly productive agricultural land, so ensuring that everyone knows what’s happening and when, and can have access to us 24-7 is highly important.”

The Triton Knoll offshore wind farm will be located 33km off the coast of UK’s Anderby Creek in the North Sea.

While the turbine capacity has been decided at 8MW, the actual turbine model has not been decided yet. When operational, the offshore wind farm is estimated to reduce carbon emissions by 12,80,000 tonnes per year.

Triton Knoll is being developed as a joint venture between Innogy Renewables UK and Statkraft with 50% stake each. Innogy will operate the wind farm on behalf of the partnership.

Image: Triton Knoll liaison services contract extended. Photo: Courtesy of xedos4/